Graphical user interface

The statement

gui on|off

determines whether XcontrolX should display the graphical user interface at start-up, which is the default, or not.

The dialog box can be popped up later by pressing a configured hot key (Hot keys).


After program start the dialog box is displayed on the master in navigation mode, if not configured otherwise:


In navigation mode the dialog box shows the current screen with its spatial relations (Screen arrangement).

In the center you may select a screen (Screen). This lets the xcontrolx program try to move the mouse pointer to the corresponding screen, either as telepointer (Telepointer control) or for input (Input control). After selecting a neighboring screen a click on the jump button leads to this screen.

The buttons of the bottom row close the dialog box or terminate the xcontrolx process.


By selecting the "Servers & Screens" or the "General" page you switch the dialog box into the configuration mode.

Additional buttons at the bottom are used for loading and saving configuration files:

command buttons

On the left side you can add or remove servers and screens. You may also select one server or screen for further configuration. The master is always the first entry and cannot be removed.


When adding a server the xcontrolx process may obtain the number of screens from the server. Should this be impossible, the number of screens has to be configured manually:

adding a server

If the server has screens which are combined by XbigX or XmetaX , each virtual meta screen counts as one screen.

The "Control" page is used for configuring input control (Input control) and the telepointer (Telepointer control):

server: control

On the "Options" page all other configuration parameters of the server (Miscellaneous server statements) are specified:

server: options


On the "Geometry" page neighboring screens are added, deleted or moved (Screen arrangement):

screen: arrangement

The "Options" page is used for the remaining configuration of the screen (Miscellaneous screen statements):

screen: options

General configuration

On the "General" page global configuration values (Integration) are specified:

global configuration

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