Virtual window manager

A virtual window manager displays on the screen only a part of an arbitrary large display area. The visible part is moved over the virtual display area using hot keys or pointer motion.

XbigX also provides this feature (Dynamic position of a screen). However, since the XbigX proxy is not a window manager, every window manager can be combined with XbigX and thus can be enhanced by the capability of a virtual display area.

The following configuration defines a two-dimensional double-sized meta screen (Dimensions of a meta screen) and a screen, which can be moved over the virtual display area in three steps in both dimensions (Dynamic position of a screen):

set width (1280-2)
set height (1024-2)
metaScreen .0
width (2*$width) height (2*$height)
screen view display :1.0
followPointerX ($width/2) followPointerY ($height/2)
followPointerRestrict control
/usr/bin/X11/X :1

Using the related product XmetaX one can configure an additional navigation window, which scales down the whole virtual display area. All X Window clients including the window manager can be controlled through the navigation window.

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