XcontrolX: New version 7.0 of the X-Software classic


The new version of the X Window remote control software XcontrolX is the result of a total redesign.

XcontrolX receives all input events from an X Window server, the master, and may send the events to one of several other X Window servers, the slaves. Unless configured otherwise, at any time there is only one mouse pointer visible, the position of which determines the target of the input events. The mouse pointer is warped onto one of the other screens by touching the screen border or by pressing a specified hot key combination or by using the graphical user interface.

The newly designed graphical user interface may be used to create, save and load configurations.

In addition to transferring input events XcontrolX now provides a telepointer without input. The telepointer is displayed simultaneously to the pointer image of the remote X Window Server. If multiple XcontrolX programs access one server, multiple telepointers may be displayed correspondingly. If configured, a mouse click switches from telepointer to input. Size, colors, and label text of the telepointer can be specified globally or separately for each screen.

The configuration options of the controlled slaves and the master were enhanced significantly:

The spatial arrangement of the screens can be chosen arbitrarily. Thus, now multiple screens can be attached to one side of a screen, like a wall display above the operators' screens.

Priorities control the concurrent access of multiple XcontrolX programs to one X Window server, separately for input and telepointer.

The XcontrolX program now is able to communicate its internal state to a controlling program.

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