The virtualization of X11


X-Software's X Window proxies always had a virtual character: the invisible proxy plays X Window server for the X Window applications, while it is X Window client of the real X Window servers.

Now even the real X Window servers may miss: From version 7.1 on the products XmetaX and XposeXrecord contain a virtual X Window server, which is started together with the proxy. Where the virtual X Window session is to be displayed and controlled eventually, can be decided and revised later - without disturbing or even terminating the applications.

Depending on the product X-Software's own Meta or Pose technology is used to transfer and to control the virtual X Window session.

The Pose technology provides communication secured by encryption.

A highly configurable script, which allows all configuration options of the used proxy, provides for easy integration with arbitrary X Window environments. For instance, X Window sessions on multiple screens, zoomed, rotated, or recorded, are supported.

This virtualization of the X Window system introduces a multitude of new application areas, like:

One X Window session can be controlled mutually locally and from multiple remote places, without terminating the applications.

An arbitrary number of remote X Window sessions can be mutually displayed on one screen.

An application server may host arbitrary many X Window sessions with already started applications and quickly connect one session to a thin client or terminal.

XposeXrecord can record an automatically running X Window session without display.

Interactive applications can be tested without real screen.

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