Pose products enhanced by comprehensive multimedia features


X-Software's own Pose technology is used for exactly and totally recording and later or simultaneous playback of X Window sessions or individual applications.

For all products implementing the Pose technology (XmetaX, XposeXrecord, XposeXplay) the new option Multimedia is now available. It allows to capture, transport, store, and replay audio, video, or arbitrary binary data streams simultaneously and synchronously to the Pose data stream.

The Multimedia option may also be used to convert a Pose recording into any video format by use of an external video codec.

How the X Window proxy or the playback program has to control multimedia devices - like microphones, cameras, loudspeakers, serial lines - or external converters - like video codecs -, is determined by multimedia profiles in a system wide and/or multiple users' text files. The profiles define key names for devices, programs, and parameters, which are referred by configuration files or control programs.

The products come with a large collection of multimedia profiles, which may be easily enhanced or refined by the user.

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