New version 8.0 of all X Window proxy products


After more than one year of continuous improvement of version 7.1 some major modifications now lift X-Software's X Window proxy products to version 8.0.

XmetaX proxy with GLXplusThe new option GLXplus is available for all products. It allows X Window clients to use the full OpenGL acceleration provided by modern graphics cards as well as new technologies like shaders and vertex programs. It supports OpenGL 2.1 plus about 125 extension requests. The technology is not only used for displaying (XbigX, XmetaX) but also for recording (XmetaX, XposeXrecord), copying and playback (XposeXplay) of X Window sessions with OpenGL clients.

The Pose functionality was enhanced (XmetaX, XposeXrecord, XposeXplay). You may now record or copy multiple X Window servers simultaneously. The communication between the X Window proxies and the recording program may be compressed. The compression of recorded files was dramatically improved.

The option Multimedia (XmetaX, XposeXrecord, XposeXplay) was significantly improved, especially for simultaneous recording and playback of X11 and audio. It is now possible to convert a recorded file with audio into a video file with sound.

The new option VisEmu is available for all proxy products and allows to display X Window clients designed for older graphics systems of depths of 4 and 8 on modern hardware often supporting 24 bits depth only.

As XmetaX is able to control more than one X Window server, new functionalities for the simultanous handling of multiple X Window servers were created: you may arbitrarily cut&paste data between servers, synchronize the screen savers, or disable currently unused input devices.

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