Welcome to the Eliza product guide

Because most of our products are rather tools than solutions and often are most useful in combinations, the way from your problem definition to the X-Software solution is not straight forward.

Our Eliza collects your requirements by a series of questions and eventually presents one or more selections of products and options which exactly solve your problem.

Contrary to Joseph Weizenbaum's original Eliza [ELIZA - a computer program for the study of natural language communication between man and machine in: Communications of the ACM Volume 9, Issue 1 (January 1966), pages 36 - 45] our Eliza has nothing to do with psycho therapy or language, only your wishes and our products do matter.

For each question you may:

click on to to select one answer of a given set of possible answers (multiple choice)

or click on to ask for or provide more information by email.

You may leave the course given by questions and answers at any time using the arrows left and right of the progression bar at the top of each page:

jumps to the previous question;

directly jumps to the summary, which may, however, be inaccurate.

For storing intermediate results simply create a bookmark. The stored address will encode all questions, answers, and configurations.

You may create up to five configurations simultaneously, thus following multiple questions-answers-tracks in parallel. At the top of each page you can select one of several configurations you would like to work on. For each configuration there is a progress bar showing you the number of answered questions versus the minimum and maximum total number of questions of the selected track, respectively:

You may now start the product guide from the very beginning by defining your first configuration:

If you would like to start by following the questions-answers-game rather passively, choose one of the guided tours marked in blue color.

Eliza will take you through two configurations for a control room with operator workstations and a wall display. Because the operators need direct communication in an emergency situation they may mirror screen contents onto the wall display. The workstations are recorded for later analysis.

If you realize that a guided tour does not meet your requirements, you may leave it at once by selecting an answer more appropriate.

Please keep in mind that Eliza currently covers only a small part of the application areas of our products. Because we will continuously extend the set of questions, please come back and check often. You may also leave your feedback by selecting the question option or by contacting Eliza directly.

If you are interested in the technology behind Eliza or in case of technical problems, please feel free to contact our support team.

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